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Sexual Positions Certification in Love Coach Training

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

sexualpositions2 Sexual Positions Certification in Love Coach TrainingWe’ve all heard of the missionary position, many have heard of doggy style and cowgirl positions – but that is only the tip of the positional iceberg. There are so many other positions – and that’s just the “official” positions. I’m sure most, if not all, people have found other positions that they enjoy.

I recently completed the Sexual Positions Certification course in my Love Coach training. These are some of the topics in this course:

  • Finding the Right Position for You
  • Masturbation Positions
  • Outercourse Positions
  • All Oral Sex Positions
  • Intercourse Positions
  • Anal Sex Positions
  • Male/Male Positions
  • Female/Female Positions
  • Group Sex Positions

Do you agree that list covers all the possibilities?

Let me start by saying that safety is a concern and should be considered when deciding what positions to try with your partner. If you see the pictures of some of these positions – you will understand why safety could be an issue. Strength endurance, balance and flexibility are other things that must be considered when deciding what to try.

Part of the content in this course is giving you activities to increase your strength, balance, flexibility and endurance – this will give you the chance to try new and different positions in your sex life. You also need to understand you and your partner’s limitations.

There were a number of tips in the masturbation section that can also be applied with a partner – here is one:

Varying the spread of your legs, arch of your back and angle of your palm help reveal surfaces that you may not have thought of, but can’t imagine living without now that they’ve been found.

Remember that masturbating can be a great way to learn what you like sexually and then you can share those discoveries with your partner — but that’s information for another post icon smile Sexual Positions Certification in Love Coach Training

Here is another interesting insight that I wanted to share – many people may not know about “outercourse” –

Outercourse reminds participants to attend to all the potential of their partner’s body rather than targeting the genitals for penetration.

These are some outercourse possibilties –

  • Femoral Sex—rubbing between the thighs
  • Gluteal Sex—rubbing between the butt cheeks
  • Manual Sex—rubbing in the palm of the hand
  • Popliteal Sex—rubbing behind the semi-bent knee
  • Spinal Sex—rubbing between the neck and shoulder
  • Digital Sex—rubbing between fingers and or toes
  • Naval Sex—rubbing on or in the belly button

From there – the course moves on to position for male or female oral sex and there are so many possibilities. The same with intercourse and anal sex, there are plenty of options.

Many people are intrigued with threesomes, foursomes and other configurations of group sex – have you thought about all the possible combinations of positions when you add more people to your sexual activities? There are all kinds of options – and this course shows and explains many of them.

There is plenty of information in this course for adventurous people, but there is also great information for people who would just like to add some variety to their sex life. You have the opportunity to study this information in the privacy of your own home and then use only the positions and ideas that appeal to you. I think you and your partner will definitely enjoy the new ideas and options that you will learn here.

Here is more information about the Sexual Positions Course from Loveology University.

Sexual Positions
course top Sexual Positions Certification in Love Coach Training
This Course Is For You If:

  • You want to Learn New Positions for Oral Sex, Masturbation, Intercourse and Anal Sex
  • You want to Add Excitement to Your Relationship with Karma Sutra Positions
  • You want to Discover the Best Positions for Stimulating the G-spot
  • You want to Find the Secret Position that will Enable You and Your Lover to Have Simultaneous Orgasms

Welcome to LoveologyUniversity’s Sexual Positions Certification Course. Inside you will learn about a variety of different sexual masturbation, oral sex and intercourse positions, how to perform them, the pros and cons of each position and the best time to engage in them. This course includes some sacred Kama Sutra and Tantric positions you may not have seen before, so get ready to expand your sexual horizon. There are helpful techniques for those whose lovemaking requires special positions such as women who are pregnant or people who have physical disabilities or limitations. Spicing up your love life with sexual position games can create new memories and even better experiences. It’s time to learn something that your mother never taught you, so get into position!

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Course Price: $69.95 (Includes Video)

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